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Trade Secrets

Nikolai & Mersereau attorneys understand companies invest time, energy and money to generate information. Such information has value and must be protected from unauthorized disclosure.

Successful businesses and individuals carefully guard their confidential information, be it pricing policies, customer lists, manufacturing techniques or product formulas. Federal and state laws provide various means for protecting such information, but only if reasonable efforts are made to maintain the confidentiality of such information. Only when such efforts are made will courts impose civil and criminal sanctions against one who misappropriates or misuses such information.

Nikolai & Mersereau regularly assists clients with the development of policies, practices and procedures intended to protect confidential information from unauthorized disclosure. When business needs dictate such information be shared with others, we negotiate and draft agreements governing the use of the information to be disclosed. When these policies, practices, procedures or agreements are violated, we stand ready to defend our clients’ rights in court.