Nikolai & Mersereau P.A. Attorneys At Law

Some Ideas We’ve Helped Make Shine

Nikolai & Mersereau is particularly adept at helping start-up companies and individuals with innovative technologies gain a firm foothold in the marketplace and defend themselves against claims made by more established competitors. Examples of clients who we have helped secure patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property protections include:

  • Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. which pioneered the use of lithium battery technology to increase the useful life of implantable heart pacemakers.
  • St. Jude Medical, Inc. which revolutionized the treatment of defective heart valves by developing a bi-leaflet, pyrolytic carbon coated artificial heart valve offering superior performance to then-existing mechanical and porcine valves.
  • Gilmore Schjeldahl who used his experience in the design of weather balloons and as a heart patient to develop the first successful angioplasty balloon catheter.
  • Donato L. Ricci who developed highly specialized tools for machining pipes and flanges within the confines of the atomic reactors of nuclear power plants.

Our successes have not been limited to medical technologies or even start-up companies. Other examples include: Northland Aluminum Products, the manufacturer of the original Bundt® cake pan and many other cookware products; Garwin McNeilus, who revolutionized the cement truck industry and is now actively pursuing wind energy technology; Janel Russell, whose Mother and Child® jewelry design is worn by women across the country and throughout the world; and Alliant Techsystems, a leading defense contractor.

We have also helped a number of smaller companies from the Twin Cities area and around the country develop the value necessary to be successfully acquired by others. Some examples include Hypro Corporation (acquired by Pentair, Inc.), Doboy Packaging Machinery, Inc. (acquired by Bosch, Inc.), Empak, Inc. (acquired by Integris, Inc.), Ultra Pac, Inc. (acquired by Alcoa, Inc.), MarCum Technologies, Inc. (acquired by Nature Vision, Inc.), D.L. Ricci Corp. (acquired by Actuant Corporation), and Angiomedics Inc. (acquired by Pfizer Corp.). Nikolai & Mersereau was instrumental in securing valuable intellectual property rights for each of these clients.